A Vision for Our Children

Our vision is for vulnerable children who have experienced hardships and trauma to come into the healing reality of family. We believe this reflects God’s heart for those who were once far off, to be healed through receiving a Spirit of adoption found in the person of Jesus. For these neglected children, Jesus looks like someone who will stop, see, and offer open arms of safety.

We believe in healing for the mind, body, soul and spirit. Our mission is to give our children individualized spiritual care as well as meeting their physical needs that will provide a self-sustaining future when they would otherwise be facing many challenges. This kind of healing will impact not only one life, but also future generations to come. To see our children and how you can help through sponsorship click the button to find out more.

‘The stories of Rwandan survivors can become a testimony around the world for issues of peace and reconciliation. Because the people have gone through terrible things– they can teach nations.’ – Josephine Munyeli

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At Kigali Children Center, we provide a safe place for at-risk children and underprivileged youth who are neglected or living on the street. Here they will have their basic needs of food and shelter met, as well as receiving counseling, education and vocational training.  
Our goal is to see those who have been abandoned in a country with a traumatic history brought into family. It is God’s heart to see these children lifted to maturity in a safe place where they will grow to become self-sustaining adults, empowered to impact others for Jesus and transform generations to come. 
To reach this goal we have created a nurturing environment for these vulnerable children to:
1.    Receive love and physical care

2.    Learn to play! We also have time for music and dancing.
3.    Learn empathy for others
4.    Learn responsibility
5.    Receive Bible teaching
6.    Receive support and trauma specific counseling

7.    Receive formal education and vocational training



Your donations help us to provide a nurturing environment for vulnerable children to receive love and physical care, trauma specific counseling, formal education and vocational training, as well as helping to employ local men and women who provide support in different areas of our community programs.


Your financial gift to Kigali Children Center provides for:



We believe education opens the doors for children to grow up not only with knowledge, but with the confident ability to make informed decisions about their future. At Kigali Children Center our dream is to provide primary and secondary education specific to meet the needs of at-risk children whose families are unable to provide school fees. Without this provision, these children are incredibly vulnerable to a life of wandering and abandonment on the streets.



Child development and care requires access to the necessary materials and resources for emotional and spiritual care, education, health care, and accommodation for these vulnerable children. This includes academic materials and other resources like keeping dishes in our kitchen, and chairs in our classroom. Even these simple every day items allow our children to feel safe and increase their understanding that they are thought of and cared for. This is a huge reminder of God’s provision and value in their lives!



For children in our community to grow spiritually as well as and having their physical needs met means employing local support staff to help us meet all the needs! This is important not only for the children’s benefit, but providing jobs for our local community members is a huge blessing to their families. Currently we employ one person in each of the following positions:


English Teacher/ Office Assistant

House Administration

Family Care Pastor

Children’s Pastor

Security/ Grounds Keeper



Where the transformative power of love heals hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

The name of the house is ‘House of Healing’ and is the heart of all of our operations, it houses our school classrooms, our church, our volunteer accommodation, our counseling rooms, kitchen, and is the location for our Kigali Kids Club every week!



Giving monthly provides Kigali Children Center the ability to plan ahead well and to dream of future projects to serve our community and meet the needs of the children.



You will be able to follow how your giving is being put to work as we share progress within Kigali Children Center on social media and seasonal newsletters.


Thank you for your generosity in to providing the best for the last at Kigali Children Center!

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At Kigali Children Center, we serve the most underprivileged children in our community and offer a safe place for children living on the streets to come and receive care and attention. Since the goal of the Kigali Children's Center is to see those who have been abandoned in a country with a traumatic history brought into a family, we also treat our operations team as a family!

Alexis & Kaysha



Alexis & Kaysha are the visionary co-founders of Kigali Children Center. We are an intercultural, married couple, Rwandan and American taking hands in love to extend the kingdom of God worldwide. We are 'two sides of the coin', yet we carry the same heart for making disciples of all nations and carrying the Father's Love for healing the broken-hearted; it only makes sense that God put our vision together, as two is better than one. We are a team.


  • We met in Rwanda pioneering a discipleship school for local pastors and are currently living here in Kigali, Rwanda.

  • We are passionate in our relationship to God, and using our gifts and abilities to serve him on the mission field.

  • We love people, laughing, and connecting different cultures to build relationship in family that has a positive influence on communities worldwide.


Heidi Bucher



Heidi joins our team from overseas and is our CFO and feet on the ground in USA. She manages our finances and makes sure all of the budget numbers are lining up. Praise God for people who love math! She also loves to see children flourishing in family and although we are separated for now by the Atlantic Ocean, she is a huge asset to our team.


Alvera Mukabera



Everyone needs a mama like Alvera. Like many mothers her role is invaluable. She is responsible for the management of Ndahei House of Healing and is one of those women who makes everything run smoothly. She releases beauty and love wherever she goes, and is quick to stop for the one in front of her with a hug or a kind word. We appreciate every small and large task she puts her hand to and know that all the details will be well taken care of.

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Placide Yumvihoze



Placide and his wife Odile have been serving alongside our ministry vision since the beginning stages. Together they have two children, and their love as a family speaks volumes by example. They understand the importance and value God places on the roles of father and mother and through this union they can be welcoming arms of love to so many who don’t know family. Together they are responsible to meet with the parents of our children for counseling and addressing specific needs in the home.


Gustave Ndayishimiye



Gustave is our right hand guy at Kigali Children Center. He has many gifts and talents as a leader and influencer, especially with the younger generation. He is a captivating storyteller, and enjoys serving his community wholeheartedly. He regularly engages in playtime with the young ones and often offer bear hugs. He gave his life to Jesus at a young age and knows the importance of having a mentor who loves the things of God. He has previously worked at a similar home for boys and we appreciate his experience as part of our team at Kigali Children Center.




When running a large home, it’s always comforting to know there is someone ‘on guard’. Here in Kigali there is nothing much for street crime, but when you need a helper to just check out a situation and make sure everything is ok, Delphonce is there to keep the order. We love him not only for his guard duty, but he is always happy to join in with our Saturday Kids Club and is becoming like a big brother to the children as well. If anyone needs help, Delphonce is there to save the day!



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